1. LTI UPS Systems Are True Heavy Duty Industrial Grade , Not A Light Duty Commercial UPS System Masking Itself As An Industrial UPS.
2. The Technology Used In LTI UPS Systems Is The Superior PWM Technology.  This Allows The UPS System To Have A PWM Modulation Frequency Of 9K Or Greater For Quick Reaction Time To Step And Harmonic Loads.
3. The Reflected Harmonics To The Incoming Feeder Of An LTI 'Industrial' UPS Is Less Than 10%.  Other Industrial UPS's Reflected Harmonics Are 30% Without The Addition Of Filters Which Adds To Their Cost.
4. LTI UPS Systems Have Internal Redundant Power Supplies and De-Rated Power Components Giving Them A Robust Design And What Is Necessary For Full 15 - 25 Year Life Reliability.
5. LTI UPS Systems Have Both Input And Output Isolation Transformers For DC Isolation and Harmonic Mitigation.
6. The Superior PWM Technology In A LTI UPS System Provides For A Pure Sine Wave When Lightly Loaded.
7. LTI UPS Systems Are Custom Designed To Fit The Needs Of Your Application, Not A One Design Fits All Philosophy.
8. LTI UPS Systems Are Dual Input Compatible For Generator Input.
9. LTI UPS 'Industrial' Systems Range From 3.5kva To 300kva.
10. Each LTI UPS System Are Custom Manufactured By LTI To Your Specifications.  Each LTI UPS System Can Be Built With Either A Single Phase Or Three Phase Output Per Your Application.
11. As A Result Of Quality Manufacturing And Quality Components Used In Each LTI UPS System, The Life Cost Of Ownership Is Very Low!
12. LTI UPS Units Are Input Power Factor Corrected - Efficient, Have A Small Footprint And Require Low Maintenance.
13. LTI UPS Systems Are Compatible With All Loads, Unlike Low PWM Modulation UPS Systems Or Ferro-Resonant Technology UPS Systems.
14. LTI UPS Systems Come With 'Dual' Fully Rated Static Switches, One To Isolate Any UPS Problem And The Other To Bypass The UPS.  Unlike In-Line Fuses, Control Back To The Inverter Is Automatic If The Batteries Are Disconnected, Without Service Intervention.
15. Each LTI UPS System Is Designed For Ease Of Routine Maintenance And Service!
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LTI UPS has average of 150,000 hours (17 Years) Mean-Time-Between-
Failure (MTBF), including bypass
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